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Common Red Flags in Background Check

Every company wants the best employee to represent and run the company. That is why a background check is an important step in hiring progress. As we do the background check, we would find something that needs some special attention to the result, which we call red flags. Knowing the red flags of the candidate is necessary to know whether the quality and background of the candidates are matching with the company’s expectations or not.

Here is the list of red flags that could be found on the background check:

1. Fake information about Education Information

This case is commonly found on background checking. Of course, some companies would put some highlight to the candidate with an excellent score, especially from a reputable university. Therefore, some people like to give fake graduation certificates to get more attention from the company that they aim for. However, there is a huge potential that actually the candidate has not enough skill and knowledge about the things that the company needs for the position.

2. Fake information about Employment Experience

The company would always aim for candidates with reputable working experience. To make that happen, sometimes some people like to manipulate the information about their experience and position to get more recognition from the company. However, hiring that kind of person means that we were gambling whether this person would match with the position that the company needs or not because all the information given was just a bluff.

Fake information about the working period is also commonly found in the check to make them look more professional and expertise. We have found some cases where the candidate made their working period longer than they used to be. Yet, with a little time to work, there is also a little time for them to learn and master the things on their work.

3. Bad Testimony from the previous peers or company

Checking the references from the previous company is necessary to get a big picture of the candidate’s performance. With this type of check, we could get a picture of their leadership style, working habits, and how they built connections with their co-workers.

Even so, sometimes we could get deeper information from the previous peers or supervisors, like fraud cases, unprofessional attitudes toward the clients, or inappropriate attitudes toward the peers. We could not ignore the fact that some personal issue or misunderstanding could be involved in the opinion. However, at least with this information, we could make a note to avoid the same incident to happen again in your company.

4. Having a Criminal Records

All of us just want a safe and comfortable working environment. With the criminal records check of the candidate, we could minimize the probability of fraud, violence, and any harassment in our company. Keep in mind that criminal history results might not be deal-breakers since not all the cases were relevant to the job, but if the candidate lies about them on the interview progress, the company should keep attention before hiring them.

With the background check, you will get a lot more information that would support the interview progress. By knowing your candidate deeper, whether it’s a good thing or not, will help the company to make a better decision to find the perfect-fit person that the company really needs.



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