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T2 Intelligence Indonesia Background Checks Journey

What is an Employment Background Check Screening?


It is a necessary due diligence process to make sure that all claims and qualifications provided by the candidate are factual and valid. An employment background check screening or also known as pre-employment screening is the most effective tool for the hiring process in any company to be protected from the possible risk of fake documents, embellishment, infringement, or false claims that may compromise internal control and increase future risk.

Why do business owners in Indonesia need background checks or pre-employment screening?

The hiring process is the most vulnerable place for unqualified candidates to enter your business. From CV/Resume embellishment, fake degrees, false professional records, and other lies, the risk of hiring bad candidates is always there. In fact, many businesses do not realize how important background check screening can be for new candidates or a certain job position just because they have never done it. The world is changing into a more digitalized environment where fake credentials and embellishments are easy to be polished which increases the risk exponentially. 

"66% of frauds are motivated by greed or personal gains."

What can you check?

T2 Intelligence's KYE Background Check Screening offers different types of checks for your internal control needs. You can customize your background checks or screening options based on job positions, audits policies, or ISO requirements. 

T2 Intelligence Indonesia Identification Check

ID Check

Start with verifying candidate's ID to ensure screening is done on the correct individual.

T2 Intelligence Indonesia Media Check

Cyber Vetting

Verify the candidate's reputation on media, printed media, and other publications.

T2 Intelligence Indonesia Employment Check

Employment Check

This check is to confirm a candidate's employment history, professional achievements, work ethics, and career reputation.

T2 Intelligence Indonesia Litigation Check

Litigation Check

Check whether the candidate has ever been involved in any civil or criminal cases.

T2 Intelligence Indonesia Education Check

Education Check

Verify the candidate's educational achievements and spot false claim or forged documents.

T2 Intelligence Indonesia Bankruptcy Credit Check

Bankruptcy Check

Verify if the candidate has ever been declared bankrupt or unable to pay debt.

T2 Intelligence Indonesia Criminal Check

Criminal Check

We believe that any criminal deeds should not go unchecked or be ignored.

T2 Intelligence Indonesia Professional Certification Check

Certification Check

Verify the authenticity of candidate's training or professional certification.



Regular "Know Your Employee" screening creates a strong barrier to keep your workplace safe from detrimental fraud risks.

Investing in KYE helps your organization save time and money from an expensive fraud investigation and/or internal audit.

The cost of doing a background check screening is a fraction compared to the losses or damages from not doing it.

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