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Screen candidates
Screen Your Candidates

Background checks or pre-employment screening enables you to verify all claims and information from the extensive human resource pool in Indonesia.

Background checks enhance due diligence
Due Diligence

Partnering, merging, or purchasing businesses in Indonesia? We are here so you can avoid potential liabilities.

T2 Intelligence Indonesia

Your One-Stop Pre-Employment Screening

Background checks save time and cost
Save Time & Cost

We have the experiences and resources to consistently deliver results. Outsourcing your screening process in Indonesia to us will save you time and money.

Background checks fulfill compliance requirements
Compliance Requirements

T2 Intelligence complies with Indonesia's law requirements to enhance best practices and strengthen internal controls.

Know Your Employees

KYE background check screening is the first line of defense for hiring new employees. Background checks or pre-employment screening will improve your HR due diligence and protect your business in Indonesia starting today.

Background checks pandemic Indonesia


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