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Get to Know Your Employees

Here are several aspects of the background check and the importance of each of those

Employees are often regarded as company assets because they can make a company/business grow rapidly or just the opposite in the future. As we all know, finding and recruiting the right employees is not easy for almost all companies in various fields. In this regard, a background check system exists to synchronize information received by the company in the recruitment process with the real conditions of each employee.

Most companies entrust the mechanism and system of employee recruitment to the HR division. They were starting from filtering incoming applications, screening their resume, until conducting the interview process. However, some information that HR has received needs further exploration. In this phase, background checks play a role in the recruitment validation process.

Then, what are the aspects that need to be explored in a background check and the importance of each of those aspects?

1. Personal Data Information

This is the initial stage of checking to ensure all personal data information provided is appropriate. So the company can reach out to the employees if undesirable things happen.

2. Education and Certification

There are many cases where applicants use fake certification to get a job. When HR is inaccurate in accepting employees, they may commit to other types of crimes that can harm the company.

3. Criminal Record

Sometimes this record places someone as dangerous, unreliable, untrustworthy, and unsuitable for work. So that all companies would expect their employees that clean from all forms of a criminal record.



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