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Employment Background Check Screening in Indonesia

A background check screening or pre-employment screening is a process used to verify if a person is who he/she claims to be.

T2 Intelligence has nationwide coverage to conduct background checks screening or pre-employment screenings on potential candidates. Whether you want to hire a new director, sales manager, or fresh graduate, you might want to know if these new applicants have clean records and are honest with their claims, and the only way to find out is by conducting a personal background check.

Why do businesses in Indonesia need a background check screening?

Indonesia holds the title of the fourth largest population in the world. This means human resources are plenty and competitive. However, low investment in human resources has caused social welfare, education quality, and income equality to have suffered and resulted in a very unstable workforce or labor quality.

Assuming you are hiring a new regional sales manager that you could potentially either benefit or hurt your business, would you leave the credibility and screening process of this person to a chance? The highest cost of conducting a background check for a high-level position is about $150 USD which already covers basic background check standards such as education check, employment check, criminal check, media check, reference check, bankruptcy check, litigation check, and ID check. How much business will you lose if this person fails to deliver? You might consider a background check as an insurance policy.

What does background check screening consist of?

The answer to this question usually depends on who you want to hire, why you want to hire them, and what are your company's requirements. The usefulness of each check could vary depending on the job positions or business types. Here are various checks available in our KYE Background Check Screening services:

Education Check

Education verification is conducted for two reasons:

1. To ensure that the applicant did graduate from the claimed university

2. To ensure that the applicant's major, GPA, degree, and graduation dates are aligned with the university's records.

T2 Intelligence is able to validate the veracity of these claims for both local and foreign universities. The most common case that we have found are:

1. The applicant did attend the university but didn't actually graduate.

2. Fabricated GPA or major.

3. Forged graduation certificate.

Employment Check

Employment verification is conducted for two reasons:

1. To ensure that the applicant did work there.

2. To ensure that the applicant's working period, job performance, misdemeanor, work reputation, and reasons for leaving are all fit to hire.

T2 Intelligence is able to validate employment records from past employers for both local and foreign companies. The most common problems on applicants' CVs are:

1. The applicant regularly switches jobs.

2. The applicant did not actually work where the CV stated.

3. The applicant failed to resign properly or professionally.

Reference Check

Most job applications, at least in Indonesia, are required to list several referrals who are willing to vouch for the candidate.

A reference check is conducted for two reasons:

1. To ensure the authenticity of references.

2. To get the most detailed insight into the applicant.

T2 Intelligence has linguistics experts who speak Indonesian, English, and Mandarin and are able to communicate professionally with references located both in Indonesia and abroad. Talking to references could give insight to very valuable information on how the applicant treats his/her colleagues, perform his/her job function, ability to lead or work as a team player, and deals with problems that will not be uncovered otherwise on the regular hiring process.

Contact Check

Contact check is usually conducted for two reasons:

1. To ensure that the contact numbers belong to the applicant.

2. To ensure that applicants have an active mobile, home, or emergency contact.

Even though it is not a priority for most companies, an invalid phone number can be an indication of financial problems in some cases here in Indonesia. As borrowing money is ingrained in the culture, switching phone numbers is an easy (not effective) way to run away from debt collectors.

Passport and ID Check

A passport and Identification Card check is conducted for two reasons:

1. To ensure the authenticity of the passport or ID card.

1. To ensure that the information within the passport or ID card matches with official records.

Although it is rare to see a fake ID these days, applicants who provide fake document is a red flag. If the job requires the applicants to travel, it is good to know that they have a passport. In many cases, passport verification is useful to check expatriates or foreign workers who come to work in Indonesia. As this is their only valid ID for official use, it is better to check it before a company paid for their KITAS which acts as their temporary stay/work permit.

Residential Check

Residential check is conducted for two reasons:

1. To ensure that the applicant does live at the listed address.

2. To ensure that the applicant has a good reputation in the neighborhood.

T2 Intelligence is able to cover any residential location in Indonesia. Most of the time we can uncover the following issue:

1. The applicant does not own the property and further verification to the landlord is required to seek confirmation if the applicant does live there.

2. The applicant has recently moved.

3. The applicant is a 'freeloader'.

Litigation & Bankruptcy Check

Litigation and bankruptcy checks are conducted to check if the applicant has ever been involved in civil, criminal, or bankruptcy cases as a defendant or plaintiff.

T2 Intelligence will help you find the best solution to cover this check by looking into a wide variety and search range from the court records. It is rare to find applicants get tangled in court cases, but when we do, it is usually a serious one.

Criminal Check

As the court records can be difficult to check in Indonesia, T2 Intelligence offers an alternative criminal check through:

1. Police clearance certificate (SKCK) verification.

2. Direct confirmation from the criminal division at the local police station where the applicant resides.

Other optional checks that employers in Indonesia love to use:

Media Check

  • Checks online newspaper and magazine sources.

  • Checks social media accounts for detrimental content.

  • Web search through the open-source public domain.

Reverse Directorship Search

Examine the applicant's possible involvement with other companies for any conflict of interest. The applicant may be a shareholder, commissioner, or investor of other companies.

Group Sanctions Check

To ensure that the applicant is not a member of any undesired organization or blacklist. T2 Intelligence will use a database with global coverage that covers almost every relevant agency from different countries and global organizations around the world.

Politically Exposed Person (PEP) Check

To ensure that the applicant is not an individual who is in a notable public position such as a President, Politician, Mayor, etc. T2 Intelligence is able to scan for Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and their Relatives and Close Associates (RCAs) against our Proprietary Database, which contains comprehensive coverage of PEP/RCA/SIP worldwide with 1.4 million PEP profiles.

Want to know more about background check screening?

This article is simply a brief summary of T2 Intelligence background check screening services in Indonesia. As a growing and developing country, Indonesia is proven to provide great business opportunities, and background checks are your insurance policy to mitigate hiring risks as you grow your company here.

Get in touch with T2 Intelligence or contact us and our consultant will get back to you with a plan.



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