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COVID-19 Impacts on Background Checks in Indonesia

As businesses are navigating amid the COVID-19 pandemic, you will most likely adjust your normal hiring process and transition to virtual hiring.

While some companies in Indonesia have reduced or completely stopped hiring during this time, many are going about hiring as usual. In fact, certain essential industries such as banks, healthcare providers, and logistics have increased their hiring volume significantly.

Background Checks during the COVID-19 pandemic

Companies continue to conduct employee background checks for hiring purposes. However, in some cases, they may experience delays in processing time. As your trusted screening partner, T2 Intelligence is diligently working at full capacity to ensure your background check needs are met.

Here are some questions that our consultants came across with businesses and professionals:

Is background check service in Indonesia still feasible during the pandemic?

Absolutely. The background check or pre-employment screening process in Indonesia involves both technology and manual human expertise. Fortunately, many records, databases, and public records are virtual. Education and employment verifications are accessible during this time unless a company is completely closed or records are not part of the National Education database. In that case, we can work with you or your candidates directly to find the best possible solution. Rest assured, we will get it done for you!

What is causing background check delays?

Temporary businesses closures across the nation are one of the leading causes of background check delays. The Indonesian government is working tirelessly to fight the spread of COVID-19, which leads to mobilization restrictions that prevent us from conducting verification procedures. We are committed to supporting government efforts in battling the pandemic, and any check that is affected by this policy will have to be put on hold for the time being.

What will T2 Intelligence do to overcome background check delay?

We are communicating directly with all clients who are experiencing delays. We will keep you informed every step of the way. Due to these unprecedented background check delays, we advise companies to update their hiring process by utilizing conditional hiring.

What is conditional hiring?

Conditional hiring is when you hire an employee under the stipulation that their background check result will determine the final hiring decision regardless if the candidate has started their working/probation period or not. This could be a temporary solution if you need to hire someone immediately. We highly advise that you have legal counsel in adjusting your hiring policy towards the current labor law so you can determine if conditional hiring applies to your situation. As you can also use the probation period based on Indonesian's law, we still advise conditional hiring as the pandemic situation in Indonesia cannot be predicted despite the situation being considered under control at some period.

Should I update my employment screening policy?

With the rapid changes in the employment landscape occurring due to COVID-19, we highly advise now is a great time to review and update your employment screening policies. You may choose to add into your screening policy about how your company will adjust and respond in a crisis should a similar situation occur in the future.

Things to consider might include, but are not limited to:

  • Required checks for the background screening process

  • Pre or post-hire background check requirements

  • How to utilize the background check report during an unprecedented situation

  • Additional check or information needs under special/specific circumstances

What if I ran a background check on a candidate but cannot hire them yet due to COVID-19?

Fortunately, background checks do not expire, but the information in the final report may no longer be accurate if too much time passes. A standard amount of time for valid information is 30 days. After that, accuracy in the report may no longer be guaranteed.

Does a company still need a background check when hiring remotely?

As a matter of fact, we are facing increased demand from essential businesses in Indonesia since they moved their hiring process to be conducted remotely. The pandemic has caused a lot of people to lose their jobs, which increases the risk of people desperately finding jobs by any means necessary, including fraud and forgery. From a risk management standpoint, any business should definitely screen their candidates, whether internally or by using a background check service, despite the pandemic. Hiring remotely will definitely create another loophole for the candidate to deceive the recruiters.

How does a background check company face the pandemic?

There is no right answer to this, but we are simply well-prepared for it. To be a reliable background check provider, T2 Intelligence has been preparing since December 2019, when Coronavirus was first detected in Wuhan, China. By February 2020, we have simultaneously adjusted our operation to a work-from-home environment and enforced the health and safety protocols to our staff in the office, during a commute, and at home. Throughout this effort, our operational capacity has never gone down below 5%. Our commitment to deliver consistent service is by simply following our business continuity plan, and as of right now, T2 Intelligence is able to maintain its operational capacity. We are grateful for the hard work of the T2 Intelligence family in maintaining a safe and healthy working environment while adapting to the situational work changes.

T2 Intelligence will help you get the most value out of your background check plans

As the recruitment landscape evolves during the COVID-19 pandemic, the background check process is more important than ever. Even with delayed background checks for employment, you should continue to screen all potential employees, whether it is for ISO, internal control, or fraud deterrent purposes.

As we go through this unusual time together, T2 Intelligence is here to help you with all your background check needs in Indonesia. Contact us today for a free consultation with no commitment necessary. We are ready to serve you.



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